01. Gioia Seghers FW18

Realised in: 2018
In collaboration with: Gioia Seghers

— Description: Gioia Seghers' Full-Winter 2018, KIMONO N°10 collection. Photograhy as a content for online use. Creation of small stories linked to the occidental way of Gioia Segher' design and to the oriental reference of the kimono.

• Stylism design and photography (Japan): Gioia Seghers
• Photography and graphic design: Pauline Colleu
• Model: Manon Anglade

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02. The Great Indecision Council

Realised in: 2018/work in progress
At: Atelier Romain Tardy

— Description: “What do we say we’re interested in? What are we actually interested in? In the intimacy of our smartphone or computer, we secretly tell Google what we’d like to know about. By fetching most looked up words from Google search and Google news in real time, and by bringing them to the public space through visual and sonic signals, visual artist Romain Tardy proposes to the visitors an involuntary self-portrait of our contemporary networked society. The Great Indecision Council works exclusively with data from the country in which it holds the session, which is mixed with visual content and animations.”

• Direction and installation: Romain Tardy
• Software programming: Hand Coded
• Music and sound design: Loran Delforge
• Photography: Pauline Colleu

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03. Maison De Greef

Realised in: 2018
At: Base Design
In collaboration with: Léa Wolf

— Description: Maison de Greef is a belgian family-owned company in the high-end jewelry sector. To celebrate its 170th anniversary, Maison de Greef designed a special collection: The Fire Sparks Collection.

• Direction: Base Design
• Architecture Design: Sabine Boghossian
• Graphic design: Pauline Colleu

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04. Dimitri Obin

Realised in: 2018
At: La Cambre Mode[s]
In collaboration with: Dimitri Obin

— Description: Graphic design and photography for “Souvenir”, a 3rd year menswear collection for La Cambre Mode[s] SHOW 2018. This collection draws its strength between the Wallstreet's tailor-made suit and the unisize clothes wear by the children who works in the mines.

• Direction, fashion design and illustration: Dimitri Obin
• Textile silkscreen: Quentin Brucker
• Photography and graphic design: Pauline Colleu
• Models: Gaspard Cresp, Aswad Al Masrahi and Valère Amand

05. The Garden Edit

Realised in: 2018/work in progress
At: Luxembourg Gardens
In collaboration with: The Senat of Paris

— Description:  “Since the XVII century, the Senat has maintained the Luxembourg Gardens in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Gardens are opened to the public all year round with a significant diversity of plants. On a private way, the greenhouses ensure the production of plants in order to embellish those gardens. It also has the purpose to preserve a part of the plant heritage which includes a famous collection of 1300 orchids dating from the middle of the XVII century. Those greenhouses are built in order to recreate the different climates needed to a successfully developpment of plants. Indeed, some of the orchids come from sea areas while others grow at an altitude of 2500m. It’s all about finding the appropriate balance.”

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06. Original Intentions

Realised in: 2017
At: La Cambre ENSAV
In collaboration with: Marion Berrin

— Description: “There are places where things can be suspended from bottom to top. Gardens of earthly delights that protect us from the wild reality of the outside world. And we design those synthetic places to keep feeling innocent in our actions.”

• Direction, graphic design and photography: Pauline Colleu
• Photography: Marion Berrin
• Models: Juliet Merie, Benjamin Pruvost, Allison Andrea Faye, Chiara Monteverde, Eimi Leggett, Gilles Polet and Aswad Al Masrahi

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07. The Peacock Festival FW17

Realised in: 2017
At: Monsieur L’Agent
In collaboration with: Mrzyk&Moriceau

— Description: The Peacock Festival is a Parisian electronic cultural festival that asserts itself as a modern and cutting-edge party. It puts digital arts, screenings and conferences on stage along with several dancefloors.

• Illustration: Mrzyk&Moriceau
• Graphic design: Pauline Colleu

08. Monsieur L’Agent

Realised in: 2016
In collaboration with: Monsieur L’Agent

— Description: Intern graphic design and production for Monsieur L' Agent, a Paris-based artist management and production company. Founded by Alexis Le-Tan and Romuald Stivine in 2007, Monsieur L'Agent now represents a wide range of art directors, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers.

09. Lettres 1—7

Realised in: 2014/2017
At: _bulk Art Books
In collaboration with: Marion Ellena

— Description: Lettres 1 — 7 is a fragment of the Princess Charlotte of Belgium's correspondence. In those letters, that have never been received to their recipients, Charlotte nourishes a fictional life with a will-to-power and masochist impulses. Then her fiction becomes a subject of interpretation, suggesting

• Photography and video: Marion Ellena
• Graphic design: Pauline Colleu

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10. hellhole.brussels

Realised in: 2016
At: Escritoire
In collaboration with: Dries Tack

— Description: hellhole.brussels is the spontaneous reply to a quote by Donald Trump. Now is the time to put the real Brussels on the map, Brussels as the place to be.
hellhole.brussels purpose is twofold. To promote, but also to explore Brussels, the Belgian capital, through the eyes of creative spirits. Every single artist is invited to share and put his talent in support of his love for the city.

• Creation: Dries Tack
• Direction and graphic design: Pauline Colleu
• Audience developper: Arnaud Abikanlou

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