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is always an intimate experience, even as rain or ocean or river. Water is always an intimate experience; you can’t separate yourself from it. Water is always a personal experience; your relationship to water is your relationship to yourself. Water is transparence derived from the presence of everything.

Water is utopia substance.’


Zhor Bencheqroun Yoga
Bali 2022

’The cool air.
The cold air.
The nothing but air.
The air that is spirit not thing.
The wild, wild air.’




Yoga Room studio
Belgium 2020

’Notes of the laws of nature.

Desire challenges the laws of nature. It defies the rules of anatomy, gravity, time, and language. In the encounter between the body and desire, muscles and tissues gain elasticity and tonus, migrating beyond the logic of corporeal boundaries. Body languages is the utterance of the unspeakable.’


Julia R Hyde
Belgium 2021

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