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The horizon.

The horizon that always exaggerates the proximity of the horizon.

The possibility of infinite.
The visibility of infinite.

The visibility of the weather.
The visibility of other worlds.
The sense of seeing beyond sight.

The plain circumstance.’


Ariana Eelek
Bali 2022

The now.

The perpetual now.
The unsuspendable now.
The no-other-than-now.

The treelessness.
The treelessness that provokes no desire for trees.

The views.
The views in the scale of the planet.

The openness.
The continuity.
The fool-me-endlessness.’


Zhor Bencheqroun
Bali 2022

The cool air.
The cold air.
The nothing but air.
The air that is spirit not thing.

The wild, wild air.

The largeness of the moon.
The closeness of celestial bodies.
The light non-terrestrial sources.’




Yoga Room studio
Belgium 2020

The mystery.
The mystery that is chaperonne.
The mystery that accompanies the light: dark and bright.

The wind.
The delicacy and violence of the wind.
The indifference of the wind.

The stillness when it is still.
The silence when it is still.

The weather that is wildlife.’


Julia R Hyde
Belgium 2021

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